Men's Hair

Hair Services

  Style Director JoJo
Wash + Cut $35 $40
Head Shave $20 $25
Re-style $45 $50
Color $30 $40

Kevin Murphy Men's Collection
Kevin.Murphy has released K.Men, a portfolio of the brand's men's products - now available at Utopia! From rugged and raw to polished and prepped, we have a complete portfolio of products that will style you with any look. 

Shampoo Products


"A detoxifying shampoo that breaks down fatty acids for a clean, clear scalp."


"An antioxidant rich shampoo for everyday washes that strengthens the hair and protects against colour fade."


"A refreshing daily shampoo for men. Camphor Crystals, Bergamot Mint & Black Pepper awaken and clarify hair & scalp. Sulphate and paraben-free."

Please note: All prices are priced from the amounts indicated above, and are based on your hair type and length.

Styling Products


"A flexible hold styling paste with a natural shine. Contains essence of Bergamot, suitable for all hair types."



"De-frizz and activate curl with added vitamins that treat your hair as you style. Apply to damp or dry hair."



"A firm elastic paste to create a loose, undone natural look. Infused with Black Pepper, and Ivy Extracts for a matte texture."



"Provides a tough hold and a rough matte texture for short or choppy looks. This product has the advantage of being easy to get from the jar and sets on contact. It gives you a little time to work the look, then it sets."



"Strong hold clay to create a matte defined look. Infused with Soy Bean Extract and Bamboo Extract to seal ends and provide strength."



"Natural finish, firm hold, rubbery gel. A no-flake, water soluble setting and molding gel with extracts from Green Tea, Bamboo and Nettle."